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Talent Acquisition

In today’s market, finding and retaining the right people can be the difference between business failure and lasting company sustainability. The Oniru Group is equipped to enable you to see beneath the surface of personalities. Learn more about The Oniru Group’s talent assessment tool, “The Three C’s of Human Potential.”

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Talent, the CEO’s #1 internal priority for 2020

The 2020 CEO’s report released by the Conference Board last January reported that CEO’s around the globe indicated that acquiring and retaining top talent for their organization was their foremost internal concern for 2020. Market conditions, government relations and business industry demands are very similar in 2021, which leads us to think that securing top talent is still a concern in 2020 for top leaders. The unemployment rate is still nestled well below 4%, meaning that top talent has options to be transient along with the huge surge in the Gig Economy. More than ever, you need a proven, systematic approach to assessing and securing top talent. Products, services and strategies can make a business elite and filled with competitive advantage, however, it’s people that make these products, services and strategies. Talent and culture or people are the greatest competitive advantage in a business, so allow the Oniru Group to help navigate the terrains of your industry by educating your leaders with the 3C’s of Human Potential.

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Executive Search

As they say, “culture eats strategy for breakfast” is becoming more of a mainstay these days, meaning that even if you have a solid method in acquiring talent it doesn’t mean that you will retain them. You still need a culture that is conducive to professional development along with inclusivity and a business infrastructure that is framed with efficiency and innovation. Your top leaders can influence your company culture and strategic approach more than anyone else in your organization, and sometimes more than the CEO depending on the topic. Finding the right top leader is paramount to organizational success and to carrying out the mission, vision, values and success factors outlined by the C-Suite and Board of Trustees. The Oniru Group has the neural network of connections to allow your organization to choose from top talent from diverse backgrounds. Call or email us today to fill your most impactful leadership positions.

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Talent Mining

The Oniru Group has developed a new Talent Acquisition method that we call, “Talent Mining”. When employers have open requisitions, depending on the size of the organization, tens to hundreds of people can apply for those positions. Many organizations sift through the candidate pools and take the best few or best overall candidate and discards the others. Talent Mining involves the Oniru Group scrubbing closed requisitions for talented individuals that still may be good fit for other positions within your organization. Call or email us today to learn more about this new service!

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