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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Whether it’s implementation of a full-scale approach to upgrading your organization’s cultural acuity or fine tuning an existing Equity, Diversity & Inclusion strategy; we are prepared to assess and implement the right strategy for your organization. The following are pointed strategies that the Oniru Group can assist an organization in building:

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Diversity Inclusion Strategy

Employee Resource Groups

An employee resource group (ERG), by definition, is a group of people linked by a common interest or purpose. In Equity, Diversity & Inclusion terms, an ERG is a group of people, in a particular workforce, that have a common interest or purpose; however, the organization intentionally plans, funds and coordinates activities for the group. The outcome is that the member of the ERG associates the special feelings from the activities and attributes them to the brand or organization. This is how organizations create an emotional bond with employees. As we know, the definition of an “engaged employee” is the employee that has an emotional connection with the business. Therefore, by establishing and maintaining effective ERG’s, organizations can readily realize direct increases in employee engagement.

Diversity Inclusion Strategy

Supplier Diversity Councils

Supplier Diversity Councils (SDC’s) are designed to increase economic opportunities for businesses in your community that are diverse. It’s a powerful tool to demonstrate to your community partners that your company is not solely concerned with its well-being, but also with being an equal opportunity employer in terms of economic and business development. The basic structure for an SDC is as follows:

  • Engage Procedural Stakeholders
  • Design Forum Meetings
  • Set Performance Target and Metrics
  • Measure Performance

We are keenly aware of the cultural nuances associated with building and maintain an effective SDC. Connect with us today to learn more about this powerful Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

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Diversity Inclusion Strategy

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